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Sabai Thai Massage - Code of ethics

The guarantee points that our member practitioners commit to respect & Scrupulously apply in a transparent and ethical manner. Quality of service offered to its customers.

I-  The different massages of well-being provided are strictly professional: in no way they have a sexual or erotic character.

II- The practitioner exercises his activity in accordance with the laws, it is therefore declared & Agrees to subscribe to a professional indemnity insurance (material included) to cover any possible prejudice related to his activity.

III- The practitioner agrees to take into account the predispositions of her client by inquiring about possible contraindications related to massage, but also on her medical history.

IV- The practitioner undertakes to respect personal hygiene as well as its premises and must ensure that its customers also commit themselves to a good personal hygiene and also respect that of the premises during the sessions.

V-  Therefore it undertakes to provide professional, clean & Of quality (table, towels, oils, stylet etc …) for an optimal comfort according to the chosen service.

VI- The practitioner agrees to Respect a strict confidentiality on the different exchanges carried out during the sessions of massage.

VII- The practitioner agrees to direct immediately to a doctor any person complaining of abnormal physical symptoms upstream or downstream of her massage.

VIII- The practitioner agrees not to give a session if the state of health is contraindicated (Cf details below)

IX-  Do not give a session to anyone who is intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics.

X – The masso-practitioner undertakes to have followed and obtained a professional training of quality, assuring him to execute his gestures, his protocol in the respect of the well-being and integrity of his clientele. But also to have the required professional experience attesting to the seriousness of his activity.

Every client commits himself / herself to respect the practitioner’s approach and to give her / his agreement with this Sabai Thai Massages Ethical Charter for an optimal practice framework: professional, serious, convivial & respectful.

Contraindications related to massage
Although massages bring different virtues on our body including a real general letting go, it is important to be aware of possible contraindications & Linked to the latter detailed below, where sometimes it is enough just to postpone the date of the desired session.
In order to best practice our various services, and in the respect of our customers, thank you to inform us immediately in case of:

Massage services
– Fever greater than 37.7 ° C
– Pregnancy less than 3 months or experiencing a specific risk pregnancy
– Infectious diseases called contagious (varicella, gall, rum, influenza ..)
– Serious illness requiring complete rest (mononucleosis, heart disease including pacemaker, person under chemotherapyrapie)

Local massage
– Skin lesions & Bones causing inflammatory conditions & Painful (eczema, shingles, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.)
– Infected wounds, boils, plantar warts …
– Injury or recent burn
– Circulatory disorders, including phlebitis, severe varicose veins, thrombosis
– Stomach pain, ulcers, gastritis
– Muscle torn, breakdown, fracture
– Appendicitis, epilepsy

Deep Abdominal Massage
– Pregnant women
– Menstrual period (Early days unless painless menstruation)
– Diarrhea (virus or serious illness)
– Hypertension
– Cardiac disorders (including pacemaker)
– Crohn’s disease

All persons suffering from a pathology notified in the list (non-exhaustive) above are asked to declare it to the practitioner upstream of the massage via their health questionnaire & Can not be massed considering the risks involved and sometimes high.
In case of doubt or serious illness, you will be asked for a favorable medical opinion.


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